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Cytoplasmic dynein 1 intermediate chain 1 (Cytoplasmic dynein intermediate chain 1) (Dynein intermediate chain 1, cytosolic) (DH IC-1) [DNCI1] [DNCIC1]


Selection of common markers for bone marrow stromal cells from various bones using real-time RT-PCR: effects of passage number and donor age.

Bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) are valuable in tissue engineering and cell therapy, but the quality of the cells is critical for the efficacy of therapy. To test the quality and identity of transplantable cells, we identified the molecular markers that were expressed at higher levels in BMSCs than in fibroblasts. Using numerous BMSC lines from tibia, femur, ilium, and jaw, together with skin and gum fibroblasts, we compared the gene expression profiles of these cells using DNA microarrays and low-density array cards. The differentiation potential of tibia and femur BMSCs was similar to that of iliac BMSCs, and different from jaw BMSCs, but all BMSC lines had many common markers that were expressed at much higher levels in BMSCs than in fibroblasts; several BMSC markers showed discrete expression patterns between jaw and other BMSCs. The common markers are probably useful in routine tests, but their efficacy may depend upon the passage number or donor age. In our study the passage number markedly altered the expression levels of several markers, while donor age had little effect on them. Considering the effects of in vivo location of BMSCs and passage, magnitude of increase in expression levels, and interindividual differences, we identified several reliable markers -- LIF, IGF1, PRG1, MGP, BMP4, CTGF, KCTD12, IGFBP7, TRIB2, and DYNC1I1 -- among many candidates. This marker set may be useful in a routine test for BMSCs in tissue engineering and cell therapy.

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