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Myelin-associated oligodendrocyte basic protein


Reduced levels of a specific myelin-associated oligodendrocytic basic protein isoform in shiverer myelin.

Myelin-associated oligodendrocytic basic protein (MOBP) and myelin basic protein (MBP) share many structural similarities. MOBP is synthesised by mature oligodendrocytes and localised at the major dense line (MDL), suggesting a role in the myelin compaction process. The shiverer mouse, a deletion mutant of the myelin basic protein (Mbp) gene, has poorly compacted myelin with essentially no MDL. In this study we compare the developmental expression of the Mobp gene in wild-type and shiverer mice. The significant finding is that one of the two abundant MOBP isoforms, the approximately 20-kD species, is poorly incorporated into shiverer myelin. The absence is specific to shiverer and is not a feature of dysmyelinating mutants with an abnormal intraperiod line. Our data suggest that incorporation of this MOBP isoform into shiverer myelin may be influenced by the presence of MBP or be a consequence of a disrupted MDL.

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