Ford Fischer

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Ford Fischer is a filmmaker, journalist, futurist, and editor-in-chief of While his work has centered on activism, he has reported extensively on the biohacker, immortalist and transhumanist movements since 2017.

Fischer believes that:

“ At this point, transhumanism is not remotely mainstream, and questions about technology and bioethics are almost completely unheard of in political discourse. Still, the future is coming fast ... What I do know is that if society reaches that point, historians will wonder why they missed this. Most media outright ignore this topic. ” [1]

The working title for his upcoming film is Transhuman: Biohackers and Immortalists. An exact release date is yet unknown. The film counts former Transhumanist Party presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan as an advisor.

On April 30th, Fischer broke the news on News2Share that one of the major subjects of his film, Aaron Traywick, had died in a flotation tank in Washington DC.[2] Fischer released his most recent full sit-down interview with Traywick as part of the reporting.[3]

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