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ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX25 (EC (DEAD box protein 25) (Gonadotropin-regulated testicular RNA helicase) [GRTH]


Arsenic influences spermatogenesis by disorganizing the elongation of spermatids in adult male mice.

Arsenic (As) has become a major problem in maintaining the environment and human health due to its wide application in the production of agriculture and industry. Many studies indicate that As can affect spermatogenesis process and lower sperm quality. However, the undergoing molecular mechanism is unclear. For this, forty-eight 8-week old adult male mice were divided into four groups of twelve each, which were administrated to 0, 0.2, 2, 20 ppm As O in their drinking water respectively for six months. The results showed that As treatment reduced sperm counts and increased the sperm malformation ratio of mice. Interestingly, both the amounts of round and elongated spermatids, and the ratios of spermatids elongation were decreased significantly by As exposure. Furthermore, the structure of Chromatoid Body (CB) which presents a typical nebulous shape in round spermatids after spermatogenesis arrested, and the mRNA expression levels of gene TDRD1, TDRD6 and TDRD7 related to CB were changed by arsenic. Again, the mRNA and protein expression levels of the markers DDX25 and CRM1 in haploid periods of spermatogenesis and the associated proteins HMG2, PGK2, and H4 with DDX25 regulation were declined significantly with As treatment. Taken together; it reveals that As interferes with spermatogenesis by disorganizing the elongation of spermatids. H4, HMG2 and PGK2 are regulated by DDX25 which interacts with CRM1 and may play a vital role in spermatogenesis disorder induced by As exposure, which maybe provides one of the underlying mechanisms for As-induced male reproductive toxicity.

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