Classification of genes

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Thesis: Genes can be divided into separate groups by various features and functions and this helps in analyzing the aging processes.

Types of classification itself[править]

  • Flat tree - all classes belong to the same level, no super classes and subclasses.
  • Nested tree - several levels of hierarchy.

Nested tree example:

  • Nuclear genes
    • RNA genes
      • rRNA genes
      • tRNA genes
      • miRNA genes
    • Protein genes
      • Protein type1 genes
      • Protein type2 genes
      • ...
  • Mitochondrial genes


  • By sequence similarity (Dayhoff, 1978)
  • By protein function
  • By location on chromosomes (suggested - denis.s)
  • By localization in cell of the end protein (suggested - denis.s)
  • By the end product - protein or RNA (suggested - denis.s)

Articles on genes classification[править]

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