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Galectin-10 (Gal-10) (Charcot-Leyden crystal protein) (CLC) (Eosinophil lysophospholipase) (Lysolecithin acylhydrolase) [LGALS10] [LGALS10A]


Impact of Intervention to Improve Nursing Home Resident-Staff Interactions and Engagement.

For nursing home residents, positive interactions with staff and engagement in daily life contribute meaningfully to quality of life. We sought to improve these aspects of person-centered care in an opportunistic snowball sample of six Veterans Health Administration nursing homes (e.g., Community Living Centers-CLCs) using an intervention that targeted staff behavior change, focusing on improving interactions between residents and staff and thereby ultimately aiming to improve resident engagement. We grounded this mixed-methods study in the Capability, Opportunity, Motivation, Behavior (COM-B) model of behavior change. We implemented the intervention by (a) using a set of evidence-based practices for implementing quality improvement and (b) combining primarily CLC-based staff facilitation with some researcher-led facilitation. Validated resident and staff surveys and structured observations collected pre and post intervention, as well as semi-structured staff interviews conducted post intervention, helped assess intervention success. Sixty-two CLC residents and 308 staff members responded to the surveys. Researchers conducted 1,490 discrete observations. Intervention implementation was associated with increased staff communication with residents during the provision of direct care and decreased negative staff interactions with residents. In the 66 interviews, staff consistently credited the intervention with helping them (a) develop awareness of the importance of identifying opportunities for engagement and (b) act to improve the quality of interactions between residents and staff. The intervention proved feasible and influenced staff to make simple enhancements to their behaviors that improved resident-staff interactions and staff-assessed resident engagement.

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Effect of cholesterol loaded cyclodextrin on semen cryopreservation of Aksaray Malakli shepherd dogs of different ages.

The objective of the study was to determine the effect of cholesterol-loaded cyclodextrin (CLC) on the quality parameters of semen from Aksaray Malakli Shepherd dogs of different age groups. Forty-eight male dogs were divided into 3 groupings according to their ages (young age (Y): ≤3 years, n: 20; middle age (M): 4-6 years, n: 20; old age (O): ≥7 years; n: 8). The sperm-rich portion of the ejaculate from each dog was divided into four aliquots and extended with either tris as a control (C) or tris loaded with 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 mg/120 × 10 CLC as low (L), intermediate (I), and high (H) doses, respectively. Following equilibration for at least half an hour, the straws were frozen in nitrogen vapor and then stored in liquid nitrogen at least for 48 h. Later, the frozen straws were thawed in a water bath for spermatological evaluation. Significant differences were observed between different age groups in terms of the spermatological parameters (p < 0.05). The evidence suggests that increasing age is associated with poor in-vitro spermatological parameters and CLC was able to protect the acrosome integrity from cryo-damage during the freeze-thawing process. Better semen freezability characteristics were obtained at young ages, considering the overall parameters.

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