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Chondroadherin precursor (Cartilage leucine-rich protein) [SLRR4A]


Urinary bladder dysfunction in spontaneously diabetic Chinese hamsters.

Urinary bladder dysfunction was investigated in spontaneously diabetic Chinese hamsters of the Asahikawa colony (CHAD). The wet weight of the urinary bladder was significantly increased in CHAD when compared with non-diabetic controls. In response to continuous infusion of physiological saline into the bladder under anesthesia, regular micturition was observed in controls. However, the threshold volume (i.e. the minimum volume at which rhythmic contraction appeared) was significantly increased and the amplitude of bladder contractions during micturition was decreased in CHAD aged 3-5 months (duration of diabetes, 0.6-2.2 months), leading to incomplete micturition. The frequency of micturition was also increased. Overflow incontinence was observed in all CHAD aged 13-15 months (duration of diabetes, 10-14 months). Acetylcholinesterase staining and activity in the urinary bladder walls were both significantly decreased in CHAD compared with controls. The in vitro increment of urinary bladder pressure caused by stimulation with bethanechol was not different between CHAD and controls. These findings suggest that CHAD have urinary bladder dysfunction which is caused by autonomic neuropathy and not by detrusor myopathy.

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