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Casein kinase I isoform gamma-2 (EC (CKI-gamma 2) [CK1G2]


Casein kinase 1G2 suppresses necroptosis-promoted testis aging by inhibiting receptor-interacting kinase 3.

Casein kinases are a large family of intracellular serine/threonine kinases that control a variety of cellular signaling functions. Here we report that a member of casein kinase 1 family, casein kinase 1G2, CSNK1G2, binds and inhibits the activation of receptor-interacting kinase 3, RIPK3, thereby attenuating RIPK3-mediated necroptosis. The binding of CSNK1G2 to RIPK3 is triggered by auto-phosphorylation at serine 211/threonine 215 sites in its C-terminal domain. CSNK1G2-knockout mice showed significantly enhanced necroptosis response and premature aging of their testis, a phenotype that was rescued by either double knockout of the [i]Ripk3[/i] gene or feeding the animal with a RIPK1 kinase inhibitor-containing diet. Moreover, CSNK1G2 is also co-expressed with RIPK3 in human testis, and the necroptosis activation marker phospho-MLKL was observed in the testis of old (>80) but not young men, indicating that the testis-aging program carried out by the RIPK3-mediated and CSNK1G2-attenuated necroptosis is evolutionarily conserved between mice and men.


  • aging
  • cell biology
  • mouse
  • necroptosis
  • protein kinase
  • reproductivity
  • testis