Black Mirror

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Black Mirror is a British science fiction anthology series set in alternate or near-future times.


Each episode of Black Mirror is its own separate story. Typically an episode of the show takes either a current, or near-future technology, and uses it in a negative manner in order to create a dark, and sometimes dystopian story.

Transhumanist Elements[править]

Black Mirror typically features one current or near-future technology per episode, some of them include:

  • Memory Augmentation - One episode features a brain implant that is able to allow its user the ability to never forget.

Other current and future tech used in a negative light[править]

  • Surveillance technology.
  • Virtual Reality

White Mirror[править]

In response to Black Mirror's pessimistic outlook on technology, it was reported that a group wishes to create a more utopian/techno-optimist version of the series. [1]

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